Saturday, September 13, 2008


Finally, a win this season. :-)
After the toughest Ironman of the 4 I have done, almost 2 weeks of being sick and doing nothing, we went out for the Steve Burgess Memorial 8km trail race here in GP. I said I would take it easy, since I haven't done much of anything other than cough since IM. But as soon as the first female passed me my competitive nature took hold and all I could think was....I want to win. So I pushed myself into a zone that I haven't visited in a long while and managed to finish first. It hurt, it wasn't easy, but the feeling of finishing strong and being the first woman across was worth the pain :-)

D also had a great race and managed a win. We got these awesome red ribbons that will go right next to the IM medals :-)


Darin Hunter said...

Great job babe, you were a rock star out there. You definitely deserved the win and you are going to have an incredible season next year.

Love ya, D

cherelli said...

Must apologise for my last comment posted, I thought it had been your first ironman as I'd only started reading your posts this year - that is even more awesome that you pushed your body through all that in the knowledge you wouldn't achieve your set goals but would complete a hell-ish race! Now you know what you can push yourself through it sounds like you are set to kick ass from now on, starting with this run... :)