Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall-ing in Love

I love fall. There is no time more brilliant, beautiful and magical. It is my favorite season to run and bike and be outdoors. Being surrounded by nature's vibrant last hurrah, it is impossible not to feel the love. I also love the off season feeling towards training- doing what I want when I want, and doing it all with no pressure or stress. The feeling of the past year's accomplishment, and the excitement of a fresh season ahead are experienced- in the moment- as absolute peace.
Fall is the perfect time to practice staying in the moment. It is a physical reminder to me, that staying in the present is the only way to fully appreciate and enjoy the beauty and magic that exists there. In the future is winter (dread), and in the past is summer (loss). But in the present there is sunshine, brilliant colors that can only be found in nature, the smell of harvest, and a feeling of freedom...And I am happy to be here :-)

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Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Ha ha, Amber! I was thinking the same thing when I read your blog entry! Must be the August Leos in us that have our thoughts in sync. ;) Or, we're really, really smart and enlightened...sigh, it's hard to be us. LOL! :)

Yes, I agree: life is wonderful IN THE MOMENT. :) And when you live like that, the challenges come, but the perspective is different; clear.

I appreciate your kind words very much, and yes, things are much better this week.

Big Hugs Right Back!