Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home Sweeeeeet Home

Well me finally made it home after a long day of flying, a night in Edmonton and then a drive today. Holidays were great but it is so wonderful to be back in our home, cooking our food, relaxing on our couch...
Gustuv caused some storms that delayed our first flight out of LV, but the hour we spent waiting to take off, and the delayed connecting flight were made all better when we got bumped from our 'back of the bus' seats up to first class. That was sweeeet.
We made it into Edmonton about midnight and didn't get to bed until after 1am so we were beat.

Today we made the drive back, unpacked and cleaned up and had a nice dinner. We really missed our own cooking- although we had a full kitchen, we found that the food in the states just doesn't taste the same. Everything seems a bit more processed and fake tasting- even the fresh produce!

Tonight the girls came over and we had a great time playing and visiting with Jay and Sarah. It was awesome to see them, and I am looking forward to more time with them now that IM is over.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed, commented on the blog, facebooked me etc with the positive words of support and love. Just to answer a few of the most common questions:

-No, I am not doing an IM race in 2009. We have made some preliminary plans such as a couple Half IMs and are thinking of a spring marathon. We are going to focus on local races, spending more time on our house and yard, mountain biking and getting faster :-) Right now the slate is pretty blank, I am already pondering new goals and in the upcoming weeks will sketch out the next training season goals and plans.

- No, we are not planning to have a baby in 2009 :-)

- Yes I wore new shoes. And one of them is covered in blood. I didn't even notice until I was in the medical tent and they were making a big deal about it. It was a cut on my toe. No big deal..just a lot of blood.

I really had no stiffness, soreness or fatigue after the race. I feel 100%, just more hungry than usual. But a break is in order- mentally and physically. Classes start next week and I am going to be flying just to keep up with the schedule. I am also going to be doing some pre wedding training to make sure I look hot for the big day :-)

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cherelli said...

Hi Amber,
Been following your blog for a while; really enjoyed reading your RR in all its rawness and honesty. I am looking do do my first IM next year and its good to know what the real deal is or could be. Your training seemed to be going amazing but given the conditions you were racing in I thought you did fantastic, even if your time goal wasn't quite made. At least you can say you are an ironman now - and you damn well earned it!! Best wishes for the upcoming wedding, Hawaii trip, relaxing back at home etc. Thanks again for an interesting blog.