Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will someone please remove...

...the piano that has been tied to my butt this week? Seriously, it has felt like I am dragging around a baby grand! Thankfully, I know that this is normal, being a month out of IM. The training is wearing me out, but I know it is doing its job.
I was up at 5am today to go to my early am bootcamp class. It was dark and cold this morning and tough to get out of bed. After the class I went straight to the pool, pumped that I finally had more than an hour of lane swim to get my 4km in!! I managed to do it in 80mins and made it just in time to my first PT client. Then it was off to teach another bootcamp class and by the time I was done I was hungry enough to chew my arm off.
I have another bootcamp tonight followed by my running group after which I should be pretty well beat.
Training this week has only been ok. I was miffed to have to ride inside yesterday due to 75km/hr winds. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a long ride in before our Jasper weekend, but the forecast is bad. Fingers are crossed. I am hoping to get 180km in before the weekend so I can cross it off the list and have fun going up and down mountains with D!

Training for the day:
Tuesday: Run 60
Wednesday: Swim 45 (2500m)
Bike 75min
Thursday: Swim 80mins (4000m)
Run: 75mins EZ


Darin Hunter said...

Your butt looks pretty good for having a piano tied to it babe.

Lisa G said...

Wow tough day! 5am boot camp classes, 4km swims, more boot camp! Don't worry about having to ride on the trainer - it is still valuable and useful even in the summer! I still do trainer rides on occasion throughout the summer (although not when the weather is beautiful).

Keep at it with the training, you are almost there and once you start tapering, the training adaptations will set in and you will be ready to go!

Thanks for the supportive comments regarding my tough race day, too!