Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost Game Time

We leave tomorrow for Edmonton, for the GWN 1/2 IM on Sunday. I am feeling a bit undercooked, meaning I have had a strange last few weeks of training. Being sick, off and training on eggshells paranoid that I will end up sick again. D is feeling under the weather today and I am hoping and praying he pulls out of it. He is really looking forward to the race and he has been training so well it would be great to see him able to test himself in the race.
I am looking forward tot he race as well, I have wanted to do this race for a long time and I am going to enjoy it.
It was a scorcher today and I was outside most of the day with clients/classes. I went to the pool for the lunch hour lane swim and when I got there I found I didn;t have my swim suit...d'oh. The lane swim is only and hour and there was no way I could go home get back and have enough time to that was out. I snuck in a fast hour bike ride and did some race pace riding. I felt great and I would love to have a race ride that felt that good- even though it was 32 degrees!
I jogged over to see the girls and cooled off with them in the kiddie pool- ice bath!! It was awesome.
Another class and then the run class which was thankfully an easy and short run- the heat was oppressive! By the time we were finishing up the clouds had rolled in, the wind picked up and it looked like the rain was soon to follow. As I am here blogging, it is raining, thundering and lightning. I love it. Now if the house would just cool off I might be able to sleep!
TFTD: Bike 60min
EZRun 40mins

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Lisa G said...

Good luck this weekend! You will do awesome and you will like the course - it is great! I just figured out what your TFTD means finally (total for the day - duh!).