Thursday, July 24, 2008

The feeling of fitness

This is my favorite time of year. With our peak race 5 weeks out, the majority of the training and racing behind us, and just a few big weekend training sessions ahead, things start to feel exciting. I love the feeling of being at my peak, physically and mentally. My body feels fantastic, and I am totally motivated in my training to get the best out of myself in every workout. This 'peak' is not something that is sustainable all year, so I know that while in this window, I will enjoy it :-)

Yesterday after watching an incredible effort by the tour riders on alpe d'huez I was eager to get out on my bike. I am so lucky not to have a real job, and was able to get out on a Wednesday morning for a 3hr ride :-) I pushed myself on the ride, even on the 28km section into a headwind. I was thinking, the wind is like hills in the prairie. I felt good coming off the bike, other than being hungry. I did a micro T run before succumbing to my hungry belly.

Today I was back in the pool for another 3000m session. The pool here sucks in terms of hours for lane swim, with only 60mins for the lane swim and they start pulling out ropes early. Very frustrating as I am needing to up my distance in the pool but running out of time! I guess I either need to get up at the crack of dawn for the 5:30am swim or get faster. I stand a better chance of getting faster ;-)

This afternoon is some speed work on the track, then bootcamp and then my running group. The group runs are about 75mins now with walk breaks and warm up and cool down. I am treating them as my ez recovery runs.

Tomorrow I am meeting D in Jasper for a training weekend in paradise. I have Friday and Monday off so I will make it a 4 day sweet :-)

Update- made it to the track in 28 degree heat and suffered through some 800m repeats while trying to keep lunch from coming back :-)
Group run was just Twila and I so we got a great run in at a decent pace.

Wednesday TFTD: Bike 93km 3hrs10
T Run 10mins
TFTD: Swim 3000m 60mims
Speed work: 40mins
EZ run: 60mins

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Naomi said...

You go, Amber! Reading your blog makes me excited to train!!!

Happy training in the mountains this weekend! You're right: four day weekends rock. ;)