Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Again Home Again

Well we are back after our amazing holiday in paradise :-)
I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, D has updated his blog and I will defer to his awesome accounts of the trip. I will add a bit of my own when I get a chance, but in a nutshell it was 7 days, 700+km and over 25hrs of amazing riding. Lots and lots and lots of climbing have helped me get my confidence and legs back.

Monday I did a 60min run just to get the cobwebs out, and today I managed a 3000m swim and a 70min ride followed by an easy hour run with my group.
All in all I am feeling good going into the final weeks of big volume. This weekend we are off to Jasper for some altitude training :-) We'll be there a few weekends before IM to get some big weekend sessions in.

And I got and early bday present from D today...an aero helmet!! It looks fast, and I feel fast in it! We'll see if it makes any difference on race day- if nothing else I feel cool in it :-P

Monday training: Run 60mins
Tuesday: 60min swim 3000m
70min bike
60min run

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Naomi said...

Amber, I saw your pictures...amazing! So great to hear you had a wonderful time. You're ready to rock, and while your aero helmet looks fabulous, remember your hard work has made the sky your limit. You'll reap the results for sure! All the best in your final preparations, fellow August Birthday Gal!

Naomi :)