Monday, October 8, 2007

Delinquent Poster...guilty as charged

Yeah it has been a while since I've posted, and frankly it is not for lack of post-worthy news! More, a lack of time. Now that I know my grandma is reading these, I will return to my more regular updates.
So to catch up... in no particular order, this is how I have been occupying my time...
- working like a crazy lady- super busy with a big project that has a tight time line, I've been making up for my short work day summer with a very long work day fall...
- teaching the Survivor Bootcamp 5 nights a week. This is a blast, the group is fantastic and they have endured some brutal training conditions. Rain, snow, wind...and nary a complaint. I love it.
- shopping for a new-to-me vehicle. I finally found a winner last weekend and by early next week I should be at the wheel of my super lux 2003 Jeep Liberty Limited staying warm in the heated leather seats...mmm can't wait. After a winter with a car sans heater- I have earned it.
- Planning the change of my life- D has landed his dream job as an Investment Specialist with CIBC, and after a few months filling a temporary position in Calgary, we will be heading to Grande Prairie where D will be permanent and we will be beginning the next chapter in our lives. He has committed to a 2 year term, but if things go well and we are happy there it is unlimited. We will be there by early March and have been scoping out neighborhoods, training facilities and clubs, and getting ready to move North!
I am happy and excited, especially after spending the weekend there and being with my bro and his family, who live there as well. I had so much fun hangin' and playing with my nieces who are the cutest, smartest and most amazing kids that have ever lived. Seriously. I can't wait to be in the same city with then so I can see them any time I want.
- Training- well that has gotten just slightly more time than blogging... I have been running almost every day- to and from my bootcamp class, have done some strength workouts and the odd bike and swim, but I have been working 12-14 hr days and until the bootcamp is done, I think my training will be very light. Had my first trainer ride of the season tonight...ugh.
Looking forward to the TCR classes that start next week though..all aboard the pain train- woot woot!
We did run in the first x-c race of the season last weekend, and while it was tough, I felt pretty good considering it was the longest run I've done since IMC ....I managed a 3rd place finish in my AG behind some really strong girls, so I was happy.
That about sums up life! D has been an amazing support the last couple of weeks, cooking delicious and nutritious dinners every night, so when I get home at 7:30 at night starving to death, I am not stuck with cereal. I am so blessed to have such an amazing partner in life.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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