Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

The end of October is quickly approaching, which means many things to me.
First thing is that this month has been a blur. I have been so busy and I am about done with the crazy pace. Thanks to my body for sending the message I need to slow down- I have heard and am listening. This week I made more time for myself, spent more time with D and had some great training sessions. Not goal specific training yet, more my way of staying balanced and connected. The end of the month also means D has transitioned into his new role, and as of this morning is off in the woods of Ontario being inducted into the world of investment specialists.
10 days without my man is going to be tough, nothing is the same without him. But I am sure the time will fly by as it does and before we know it we'll be back together.
I had a good weekend, another weekend tri- swim Friday, bike Saturday and today after dropping D off at the airport I came home and went out for a long therapeutic run.
I also sold my purple Trek this weekend. Thanks to JR for setting that up- I felt good knowing it was going to someone who will take good care of it and enjoy riding it.
Got a solid dose of good love and energy tonight at Clinton's PB2 grad. Congrats my friend, thanks for sharing the celebration with me.

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Darin Hunter said...

I'll miss you too babe, things are going well here but it's much better being at home.