Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time Flies

Wow, this month is going by quickly! Time flies and all that jazz... it has certainly been a busy month, if not fun...but of course there has been some of that too.
Lots of good stuff happening in the past couple of weeks though, for one I finally got my new ride- the self propelled kind anyway. While I can't say I love it MORE than my bike, I love it a lot- just different. My bike will get the benefit of being able to travel inside on long road trips- I always hated having it on the roof of the car.
My Jeep kicks ass, it is a 2003, but is in amazing shape. D has been giving me a hard time about the VIP treatment I have been giving it- but that is what happens when you get your first nice vehicle at 30! The best part? Hands down, heated seats, . This winter will be a little more tolerable with a warm butt.

Have been racing the last couple of weekends. Two weekends ago was the Gorilla run- a relay that I ran on a team sponsored by Choose Energy Inc. with Jim and Clinton. Thanks primarily to the stellar lead Jim achieved as the lead runner, we were the first place team overall and scored some nice hoodies for our efforts.
This last weekend we were running the second cross country race of the season. It was another relay, but D and I ran solo, which was 3 laps and 12km total. Overall, it was a good run. I ran with the only other soloist , Alan and although my legs were sluggish from the bike ride we did Saturday, we finished in just under 55mins which is acceptable. D ran it in a scorching 40 mins. All Alan and I were hoping was not to be lapped by him ;-)
Training is beginning to become more regular again. We had our traditional tri weekend with a long swim Friday, a bike ride Saturday and a run Sunday.
I am trying to stay casual with training- just in terms of scheduling,. measuring etc. I have not been setting out a weekly plan or recording my workouts- mostly as a mental break from the regimented schedule. But I am about ready to get back to it, and will begin in November with a basic weekly base building/off season maintenance program. Having things written down keeps me on track and I do find comfort in that routine lifestyle.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the past year and the year upcoming. I am getting really clear on my goals for the year and have begun scheduling races and setting my intentions.
More to come on that. ;-)

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