Thursday, September 13, 2007

The life of a normal person...?

Post IM is a strange time- taking a break is good for the body and I am sure it is good for the mind, but I will be happy to get back at it in October. I met with Syl on Monday and set up a 2008 training strategy. She is putting together an off season strength program for me and reiterated the importance of this time off and waiting to get back into the training. So I will wait.
Last night was fun, we went out and had dinner with Colin and Nichole and met their new little guy, Daymond. They are adapting really well to family life, Nichole looks fantastic and they seem very happy. We enjoyed playing with the baby, and although we both want to do the baby thing eventually, we also agreed that we are happy with just the 2 of us for a while...
We have more socializing happing this weekend, it seems like we are making up for months of social isolation haha.
We are also going on a hike on Saturday- making an effort to do some activities outside of triathlon. I am looking forward to it, it will be beautiful out there with the fall colors, and I haven't done a non trail running hike in ages!
I am also shopping for a new car which is fun. Going to look at one on Sunday that I am excited about. It has heated seats- the clincher for me hehe.
I have been so busy at work this week that I have not done anything other than a long walk Monday night. I feel like a bum. I am going out for a short run today, for sure, before heading to Red Deer for a book signing with my boss.

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