Sunday, September 9, 2007

Plans they are a changin'

The plan has always been to take 2008 off Ironman. We were going to travel to France and watch the Tour, do some biking and get hitched. After doing some research into it we found out that we would not be able to get legally married in France, but would have to travel to Spain.

After this year's race, however, both D and I were silently feeling a bit bummed about not doing IM next year. We both had fantastic results this year and personally, I was hoping to continue to build on my fitness and have another go at it next year. I didn't day anything as going the the Tour has been D's dream trip. As it turns out, D was the one who finally suggested the change in plans. He is smart, and he knows me... He says "Hey babe, what would you think of getting married in Hawaii next year". Gee, that sounds terrible. LOL
Needless to say I was on board in a heart beat, and the next thing we knew we were registered for IM Louisville in Aug/ 08! We were deciding between Wisconsin and Louisville, and decided on the latter since it is a new race, and a smaller race. I also read some race reports and it sounds like a very challenging and beautiful bike course.

So needless to say, my post IMC blues have been replaced with excitement.

Now we just have to continue saving up and make sure we can get the time off at work! the good news is we have been saving for France for a year already, and have already purchased our Boston flights and the race, as well as paid for our IM entries. We have enough for both of those trips, but also want to have 2-3 weeks in Hawaii- so now we must save for that!!

On another note, today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Calgary. We had a fantastic ride out to Bragg Creek for lunch, and really enjoyed the sun, blue skies and the beautiful fall colors of changing leaves on the trees.

I love fall, even though it leads to winter... it is just so beautiful...sigh. If only we could bypass winter and go straight to spring ;-)

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