Friday, May 29, 2009

Tick Tock

Tomorrow is the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune Press Run. !!!! 
I am super excited for this race. 1) because I am racing and that is exciting and 2) because a have a group of my Women of Strength girls running their first races!! 
I am so pumped for these ladies to have their first race experience. They are nervous, excited and somewhat ignorant as to what they are in for. All the emotions that you only have before you do something for the first time! I am proud of their courage and honored that they trust me enough to sign up because I told them too!! LOL There are almost 370 people registered for the 10km run/walk and the 21km run/ walk. That is impressive in a center this size!! Kudos to Sonja and Lori who are the race directors and who have really built this race into a big community event! 

As for me, I am stoked to race. My week has been pretty low key as I've been fighting the sickies. Sore throat/ swollen glands have scared me enough to keep the workouts light and easy. I also have a sore leg as a result of H-dog yanking me off balance to chase after something.
Before a race I am never sure if these little aches and pains are real or just psyschosomatic. Sometimes they magically disappear after the race. Anyone else experience this?? 


Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Way to go, Amber! Those ladies will have a wonderful first experience, and it will bring them back for more! :)

All the best to you too, for a fantastic race! I think you did the right thing resting a little more. No sense in getting sick when your season is well on its way.

Nadeen Halls said...

I feel for ya sista on the 'dog yanking' sore leg situation :$ Good luck in the race! Kick some a$$! Mama wants another new pair of shoes :)

PS - Thanks for the blog link :) I already used it for my class :)

Julie said...

My aches and pains totally disappear too -- and watch out for crazy's gopher season!! LOL!!!

Good luck, Amber and congratulations on your students' courage!! What a compliment -- they are going to do you proud!

Have a great race and run the sickness right out of your body -- leave it at the finish line. :) :)

kate said...

Good luck to you and your students.

I've never felt more empowered than the first time I "toed the line" at the start. Even if I didn't run that day, I was overwhelmed with how incredible it felt to have gotten myself to the point of participation.

You don't have to win to be strong--just participate. It's an opportunity we each earn for ourselves (fast or slow :o).

Feel better!

Lisa G said...

Hope your race was fun! Can't wait to hear about it!