Sunday, May 24, 2009

I would like to thank....

The Fire, for returning to my belly :DI am not sure if it is a return to racing, the fact that the weather has turned and we have had some gorgeous summer like days to train, or I have just finally got my mojo back, but whatever the cause I am just happy to feel the way I do.

This weekend was stellar. We met some friends Saturday morning and headed South on highway 40. It is such a beautiful route, the highway is pretty quiet and lined with trees. I rode with Sonya and we chatted nearly the entire 105km. We rode comfortable, but didn't slack off. Our average speed was about 28km/hr and the ride was just under 4hrs. The last climb up Ainsworth hill hurt. I will not lie. But it is great training for Hinton in 2 weeks.

Right off the bike we headed out for a T run. The gang was all doing 20mins, but I had 30mins on my schedule so I went on my own. It was a serious sufferfest for the first 15mins, but my legs gradually came around and the return trip was much better.

We had a wee nap once home and then an awesome steak dinner with lots of grilled veggies. We also had a couple beers (to help with the re-hydration).

Sunday we were up early again to hit the pool. I was expecting the worst as I was feeling pretty depleted from the previous day. Surprisingly, I felt really good in the pool. I had a 300m w/u and then 8x 200m descending 1-4 and 5-8. I pushed hard on these and had D's feet to chase. I hit the retaste zone a few times and was overheating due to the 80 degree pool water. Next up was 800m pull with paddles, I took it nice and easy, stretching out my stroke and keeping the count down. I finished off with 300m of pull, sans paddles to make 3km.

Next up was a 90min run. We ran from the pool so we could do the Southern loop of the half marathon course we are running next weekend. I have to say, my legs were not feeling it, and it took a good 20mins before I could start to feel a bit of a groove. The first 45mins out I averaged an easy 5min per KM, but shortly after the turn around I ran out of water and the heat started to get to me. My pace slowed a bit and I finished up in 92mins. The last part of the run felt eerily similar to an Ironman marathon. But without the aide stations! I really needed an aide station.

D got some work done on our deck project this afternoon and I walked Harley and made a big dinner for us. I feel tired, but completely happy and satisfied with the completion of a solid training weekend. I am finally feeling strong, fit and excited for the season ahead.

Oh and on Tuesday I get my new baby (see previous post). I can't wait! I am thinking of doing the Canmore Xterra at the end of August. I love riding and running the trails and have always wanted to race and Xterra race.

Next weekend is the Press Run 21km. I am super pumped for that race and can't wait to push myself and see what I can do...
Oh, and we didn't take a single picture this weekend during our training. Not surprising, we did get some pictures of H-dog :)

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Amy said...

Love the pics! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. I think I'm going to steal part of your swim workout and do it today. :)