Monday, May 18, 2009

Grande Prairie Triathlon Race Report

First tri of the season, and the first one we've done since IM Kentucky! We definitely weren't anywhere near Kentucky...The race was unbelievably COLD! 2 degrees, windy and freeeezing rain. But it motivated me to go as fast as I could! (I didn't wear my watch all day so I never knew any times until the end, which was weird.)
The swim (pool thank god) was good, I was at the back of a lane of 4 and passed them all to come out in 8:46 (500m) I am a shitty swimmer, so this was a good time for me. There is something great that happens when I am in a race, I don't think about swimming, I just swim as fast as I can go and try and catch everyone I can. I actually enjoy it! I wish I felt that way in training, I would probably swim more.
I took the time in transition to put on a jacket, but didn't bother with gloves or socks. Dumb. I wasted some time putting on glasses that immediately fogged up, so I tried to throw them back to my transition spot- but ended up getting them caught in someone's wheel so I had to go back and untangle them. The time would have been better spent putting on more clothes.
The bike was 5 loops, the worst part of the loop was on the main road where it was a slight uphill and a nasty headwind. It was sooo cold! I just tried to ride as hard and fast as I could so I could be warmer and hopefully finish before I froze completely. I had good speed on the straights, even in the wind, but I had to slow right down at the corners, one in particular was a sharp right and I had to nearly stop to get around. I probably could have been more aggressive, but with the rain and my frozen hands I was nervous. By the end of the third loop my fingers and toes were frozen and my thighs were burning they were so cold. I actually questioned if I was going to be able to finish the damn race. On the last loop I was finally passed by a girl and it woke me up. I refocused and picked up the pace to keep her in my sights. She came into transition just ahead of me, but I had a much better T2 despite frozen fingers and beat her out onto the run. My feet were frozen and I actually looked down at my feet to see if my shoes were on the wrong feet because that is what it felt like! I ran as best I could, I was worried about being caught. It was a 3 loop course with 2 out and backs so I was able to keep my eye on the competition and stay ahead. Time was 17mins27secs for 4km. Finishing was a relief, and I went straight inside and into the hot tub. For the first time in my life the hot tub was too cold! I was still shivering!
I guess this is what to expect in Northern Alberta in May... Thank You to all the people out in the freezing cold volunteering and cheering! The people here are hard core!
My time was 1:01:56. I thought I would be under an hour, but I raced as hard as I could in the weather. I was 1st female and 8th overall, so I guess the conditions affected everyone.
D won in 52mins and change, he was flying! We both won shoes again! Two weeks, two races and two pairs of shoes! Local races rock!


Lisa G said...

Wow, you guys rock!! That is so hardcore - i can't believe how cold it was, you are very brave!!

I can't imagine how cold you were getting on your bike all wet after swimming - I took one look outside today and didn't want to leave my house! You had an awesome run on frozen feet, too!

Congrats on another win and another pair of shoes - you are on a roll!

Julie said...

Congratulations!!! What a frigging freezing cold race too -- BRRRRRR!

Fantastic that you were able to snap yourself awake when you were passed and went on to win!!


Amy said...

Way to go! You did awesome! Couple comments:

Did you mean to not wear your watch or forget it. Just curious b/c I always wear mine in a race.

Loved your comment about looking down to see if your shoes were on the wrong feet. Crazy that it was so cold you didn't know.

Congrats to D too - you guys make quite a pair.

Amber Dawn said...

Thanks ladies!
I didn't wear my watch b/c the seal went and it got water inside the face. I was a bit wigged out about not having it, but I forgot about it once I was racing.