Sunday, December 30, 2012


I've been nesting for a while. It helps that I essentially shut down my business at the end of August and as of the beginning of Dec have been effectively unemployed.
The nursery has been a lot of fun for us. We wanted a theme that reflected our loves. Bikes, nature etc. I am not a fan of cartoony disney stuff so you won't find it here. We hope our boy loves it as much as we do!

 The teddy was given to me the day I was born :)
 Art that I made for the nursery
 The kid has LOTS of clothes. Thanks to generous friend and a big score on kijiji, he has enough to wear something new everyday of the first three months!

 The print is of Medicine Lake in Jasper. One of our favorite places.

 The moose on the shelf was a Christmas gift from Grampa.

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cherelli said...

Thanks for the update, wow you look great! I love the baby's room - very functional and perfect themes (outdoors and sport); and and congrats on expecting a boy! (or I'd be congratulating you if you were expecting a girl too, just seems the done thing, really - congrats on expecting a healthy baby!) We got a 4D shot done too, every time I look at the picture I get such a sense of there being our new family member inside me. I'm sure you're the same as me and encountering the squirming at the pool as I was sinking a bit doing backstroke I was thinking it'd be nice to meet the little one sooner than later too. I hope all goes well for the remaining few weeks, I'm excited for you guys!