Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big Mamma Jamma

Well, I'm long over due for an update here. Thanks to Cherelli for the nudge :) Here is a shot from 33.5 weeks. I am officially 34 weeks tomorrow. The pic was taken at 7am pre swim, so excuse my bed head and sleep face. Truthfully, I don't look much different at any given time these days. Tired is my middle name! 
 And this is pic of our beautiful boy, at our 4D ultrasound we had in Arizona. He was 27 weeks then, and measured at 31 weeks. His weight was estimated at 3.1lbs at the time so I'm sure he is over 5lbs by now.

I have reached the "ready to be done with being pregnant" stage and am so excited to meet our son!
The nursery is complete, perhaps I'll make a post with some pics of that.

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