Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we took a spontaneous trip to Victoria. It was an amazing little get away and a great time to reconnect and refresh with a change of scenery. And oh my oh my the scenery.... what a place. Someday we'll call it home :)
The top picture is the view from our room. The green pictures are from an amazing 3hr trail run we did in Goldstream Park. We also rented bikes and rode along the ocean. The shot of me and the politicians is from the wax museum. That was too fun.
Lame recap, I know. But the pictures are nice :)
3 days until my 80km run and I am sick. I have been working hard to get better. Tomorrow I will have a verdict.


cherelli said...

Love your goal of living in Victoria - it has the best climate in the lower mainland, I need to get over there more often! Fingers crossed for a good verdict tomorrow and a really satisying 80km race - good luck!

Jenna said...

I am going to make Victoria hom eone day too - we can be neighbours!!! Get better!! Thanks for th ephotos - isn;t the GREEEEEEN amazing?

Julie said...

80km?!?!?!?! YES!!! I am rooting for you Amber!

I share your goal of moving to Victoria -- my God what a beautiful place. The TRAILS for running! The biking!!! Oh man -- I love it here!!!!

Lisa G said...

Lovely pictures! Sorry to hear you are sick but sending good vibes and well wishes for you to recover well in time for Saturday's adventure!

Amy said...

The second to last picture cracks me up. I've been to Victoria and your pictures are a reminder of just how beautiful it really pretty.

I hope you're feeling better!