Sunday, May 9, 2010

run day sunday

today I needed to run. I had some grumpies to run out, some sadness that was weighing on me and some energy that had to be moved.  in the first 3km of the run I had tears running off my face but I didn't care. I had sunglasses on and there was no sobbing, just tears. by 5km the sadness was gone. I ran 11km out to bear creek and then did the 4km single track trail out and another 4km back. by that time it was 10:30 and I needed to make my way to the race start to see my peeps. I had a huge group of Women of Strength running the Brian Harms 3,5, and 10 mile races. I have to say, seeing the army of women wearing my t-shirts had me bursting with pride. my sis in law was running her first 5km so I ran with her (she kicked butt) and then ran a few more in. I finally met up with one of my run stronger girls on her first loop of the 10miler so I headed out to pace her on her second loop. she did amazing!! I was so proud of everyone, not the least of which my hubby who won the 10miler in 58mins. my original plan was to run home but I was starving and I knew I wouldn't make it without fuel so I took a ride home, had a snack and then ran 10miles on the treadmill to make it 50km in just over 5hrs for the day.
The grumpies are gone, the sadness has passed and once again running helped me make sense of the world.
When I got home I read this quote in my running log "I ran to be free; I ran to avoid pain; I ran to feel pain; I ran out of love and hate and anger and joy."


Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Sorry to hear you had some sadness and grumpiness today. :( But, as you said, isn't it amazing how doing what you loves makes it disappear?

Big Hugs and Smiles to you! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I had a big blub in bed last night, crying, snuffling, shaking. I am a messy and ugly crier...there's no way I could cry whilst running/anything. I am a whole body wracker -- it's best to leave me in a darkened room to get it out of my system and then I emerge puffy-eyed and weak. :) :)

Glad to hear you worked it out and felt better -- God, I wish I could do that. It sounds a lot healthier...

:) :) :)

Kelly B. said...

"We need therapy, therefore we run"
Someone very wise said that to me once...oh WAIT!!

It was you.

Jenna said...

Hugs!! Glad you worked all that "stuff" out!!!

Amy said...

Running has a way of making things better. I'm glad it helped but feel badly that you were sad. You are an amazing person and so many people loook up to you. Don't forget it. Congrats to your hubs too for his 1st place finish (and smokin fast time)! Hang in there.