Sunday, April 4, 2010

the weekend

It has been a while.
This was a big weekend for my run training. I did a 45km run in 4:20 and felt fantastic. The next day (today) I did 10km and it took more energy than yesterday's 45. That is the b@$ch that is running.
But I feel good that I am making progress.

More importantly, I have beautiful neices. Seriously, I have the cutest 3 neices on the planet. I thank God for the gift of these girls and for being a part of their lives.
Happy Easter!!
And of course my boys, the loves of my life!!


Julie said...

Way to go running-girl!! :)

Your nieces are adorable with their special Easter cute. :)

Thanks for the update! :)

Kelly B. said...

Stop it!! A halter dress with a side pony-tail!! How cute is THAT! I need a girl soooooo bad....put barettes in Luke's hair this weekend...he thougth it was fun until he looked in the mirror...then started to cry!!