Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How do you know it is Spring in GP?
- The pathways are packed with runners, walkers, bikes and dogs
- Motorbikes everywhere
- Bootcampers flooding the park at 6am
- Beautiful sunrises on the way home from class
- 9pm and still daylight
- Emails flying about group rides, runs etc.
- A big SMILE on my face :)


Jenna said...

and then, it snows. But it melts again before it snows again and melts again and then spring has arrived:)
Amazing how spring injects us all with the desire to live better, harder and faster :) Rock on runnergirl!!

Julie said...

LOL at Jenna's comment about the snow. There ain't no invigoration happening here in the Pass yet....it's still snowing and disgusting. Give me another month and then I'll have spring fever too! :)

Keith said...

Spring has officially arrived in Calgary. The bikini clad sunbathers were out in Stanley Park. One was wading, though she was screaming about how cold the water was.