Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summmmmer Baby!!!

My husband just kindly reminded me that I have been neglecting my blog. It's true. But it is SUMMER and there are so many things to do! It is my favorite season and I plan to soak up every drop of it. I am scared to wish away even a single day as I know it is going to go too fast!

I have one more week of 'work' and then I am off for July and August. Yes, I am taking the summer OFF. Because I CAN!! lol. I hired a great trainer to take over some classes which is awesome and I will do some drop in stuff when I am in town. I am only in GP 3 days in July and 9 days in August. Fun times! We have GWN 1/2 IM, a Jasper mountain biking trip, a trip to Calgary and then Tour BC bike trip, then back to Calgary for the 70.3, and then I am heading back to my hometown in northern SK. Like I said, FUN times :)

Training is going well, I am finally running pain free, but I have lost a lot of confidence. I haven't run more than an hour since the 1/2 marathon and I have done only a handful of runs. I really wanted to have an A race in GWN, but I am not sure I'll have the training under me. Regardless I am pumped to push it out there. I love that course.

By the time the 70.3 in Calgary rolls around I should be ready to really bring it. I will have a week of 850km of biking just prior, so me and my bike will be good friends :)

In other news.... H-dog and I were interviewed tonight as we were running through the park. I didn't get to watch the CTV news because I was teaching a class- but if you saw it let me know! He was hot and his tongue was hanging full out in all its glory :)

I know I have lots of other things I could update on, but for now here are is a picture that represents one of the best parts of summer:
A picture of my cross training activities (read: back breaking manual labor) Yes, our lawn looks THAT bad! The combination of a lack of rain and a copious amount of dog pee will do that! So I am tearing up the edging and going to put down rocks and then plant some trees and shrubs. Maybe he will get the idea and pee there??
Our soon to be finished new deck (check back for new bbq and beer drinking shot). We are just waiting on handrailing.
And an ode to biking and life in Grande Prairie. I know that riding in gale force winds should be making me stronger but HOLY HELL. It has been nasty out there.


Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Ahh...Summer... :-P

Sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned!!

cherelli said...

Oh wow, what an amazing Summer you have earned yourself - have a fantastic time!!

Kelly B. said...