Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Moose Is Loose!

This is the moose that was blocking the highway on my ride today. I slowed down and let her decide when she was ready to go. The picture doesn't do the size of her justice. I could have biked under her.
It was a perfect biking day today and I had an awesome ride. It was hot and sunny and the wind was there but in no particular direction. I pushed hard on my 10min intervals and did the 100km in 3hrs17mins. It is a hilly route so I was happy. I felt great the whole ride and was still feeling good at the end. I did a short t-run and was happy to have NO shin pain!

I've had some massage, chiro and Graston this week which has helped. I also had and xray which showed no fracture, so that was a big relief. I am definitely on the mend.

Friday we took the mountain bikes out for some fun. First we hit the Nordic trails with H-dog.

The trails were great and really sandy which made it tough! Harley loved it and was sprinting for about 45mins until the heat got to him and he bailed on us, taking cover under a building and refusing to go on. He drank and entire water bottle and rested a bit and then we walked him back to the car. We took a little trip to the river and let him have a swim and drink some more which did the trick. We decided to take him home, but we wanted to keep riding so once home we biked down to Muskoseepi and hit the south bear creek trails. It was so fun! I swear, my heart rate is at about 175 the entire time I am riding on those trails! It is such an intense workout and so different from road riding. I am looking forward to playing on the trails in Jasper in a few weeks!

In other news I chopped off the locks on Friday. About 7.5 inches of hair GONE! I love it. It is low maintenance and light.

We are also busy trying to finish our deck. D has been working hard on it and we will both be glad when our project is complete. Today I spent over 4hrs painting the front steps and landing as well as the frame of the deck. It looks great already and hopefully next Sunday we'll be sitting on it drinking a beer!!


cherelli said...

wow, now cycling and seeing moose on your ride is kinda exciting; best I've gotten is a deer which ran into a wire fence when I saw it which it cleared with a single bound on the second attempt! the short hair looks great for Summer; I remember when I had long hair 7 years ago how weird it felt to have it all cut short. now I just run a comb through it and voila, good to go (mind you my hair is unmanageable at the best of times, I'll never be able to have "stylish" hair like yours) :)

Julie said...

Gorgeous new 'do! And just in time for the summer too. :):)

Mountain biking is a completely different sport eh? You can't even compare it to road cycling -- the only thing they have in common is two wheels. Poor H Dog crapping out because of the heat -- AWWWW! At least he cooled off in the river. :) :)

Great news about your shin as well! All that playing on your mountain bike is going to prime you for when you start running again. You'll literally hit the ground running and be faster than ever. :) :)

Anonymous said...

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KK said...

I love your haircut!!! So cute and low maintenance always wins points in my book.

Your bike ride sounds delightful and 100k, how many miles is that? It seems freakishly long to me so you are bad ass for getting it done in such a timely, strong fashion.

LOL about riding under the moose. They are intriguing yet frightening to me. But mostly intriguing.

Amy said...

Love, love, love your hair. Before it was announced I kept opening the first picture to see if it was cut or back in a ponytail. Ha. I think it looks great! Perfect for summer.

Oh, and that moose sure does look huge. Man alive.