Monday, March 16, 2009

The longest winter ever

I have procrastinated blogging because every time I go to blog all I want to do is whine and moan about the weather. D says complaining about the weather is as effective as complaining about the markets. Bah.
Training last week went really well. I had great bikes and runs and swimming was just ok. I did one water running session with a client which was fun for a change. The weekend was really great with a run outside and a killer bike session with the crew.
I managed to jam up my lower back/SI joint though and am a bit gimped out today. Massage, heat and stretching seem to be helping. Just say NO to drugs :-)
I am looking forward to nailing some good swim workouts this week. My swim mojo has gone on vacation but I will push through and do it anyway.
Anyway, that is about all I can say before I rip into a whiny tirade about how freakin cold it is here, and how it snowed for the last 2 days, undoing any progress that was made in the melting process on Saturday and how it feels like we are in Siberia and the winter will never ever ever end....
Here are some shots of D's shoveling Sunday. Not once, but twice. And then I shoveled again this morning. And it needs to be done again...

Now, take a deep breath and say OMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


cherelli said...

Oooh, that looks touch, I would definitely be getting the SADs with an ongoing winter, at least here in Vancouver it is far more mild (though dreary this week). Hey I see there's some super el cheapo deals going for airfares down to the warmer south...Mexico, Costa Rica, even Reno... :)

cherelli said...

"tough", I meant "tough", geez too early for my brain still.

Julie said...

See, the good thing about living in a small, rural area like the Crowsnest Pass, is that there aren't really any rules...

The mayor himself has ELEVEN(!!) old, shitty vehicles parked on his lawn and on the street; a bylaw officer lasts a year max (the most hated person in town); weeds run rampant on all municipal property -- so they can't complain about yours; AND the greatest reason of all --- YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOVEL if you really don't want to .

There isn't even a sidewalk in front of most homes -- or if there is one, it will randomly disappear in front of one house only to reappear a few blocks down. Therefore, you don't have to shovel what isn't there. YAY!!

Now, that being said, all winter long, I'm The Good Neighbour -- and will shovel. But at this time of year, when it dumps and then melts 2 days later? No frigging way man. I rebel. Every year.

You can't even see the stairs leading into our house -- it's like a snow ramp. But I don't care -- Like you -- I'VE HAD IT!! LOL!!!

Kelly B. said...

Have no fear.
Spring is around the corner...I know this because the Dairy Queen on 8th street (main drag in toon town) has opened for the season!! This is ALWAYS the first sign of spring!!!

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Funny, Funny Lady! I hear you. You know the expedia commercial where the lady is sitting at her computer in her work cubicle, and it's dark and snowy out, and she starts to cry? Well, that's exactly how I am feeling lately with the snow and cooler temps. At least the days are getting longer!

Bring on the spring. Better yet...summer!


Amy said...

Hang in there....spring has officially sprung (as it's the first day of spring today). I am not feeling my swim either. In fact, instead of leaving for the pool right now, I'm reading blogs!

Hopefully the rest of the week went well.

Lisa G said...

Hey! I am going to be in Grande Prairie on Monday for work - let me know if you are free for a swim or something in the afternoon? I should be done around 1pm and then my flight home leaves around 6:45pm.