Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whats Up?

WoW! Happy December. One post per month is becoming a trend!

As for What is UP? It has been a busy month and things are getting very exciting. 2 sleeps till VEGAS! I am really excited for this trip- for many reasons. Not the least of which is that Husband Extrodinaire and I will get a lovely little get away together. He has been on the road the past 2 weeks and I miss him like crazy! Of course I am also super excited to do the 1/2 marathon with my trainees. I will be running with them, pacing perhaps and most definitely taking pictures. It is the first real race I have not 'raced' and I am going to enjoy it. Don't look for any PRs, I plan to stay out until the last of my crew finishes. Hopefully I will also get to watch my husband fly across the finish line with what I am sure will be a smoking fast time. He is running like an animal lately!

I am almost equally excited to be heading to Calgary the week after Vegas for a Entrepreuner's Bootcamp. This will be different from the bootcamp I teach ;) It is a great opportunity to spend a few days working on my business, and getting ready for the next phase of development.
I have also been mulling over 2010 goals and thoughts. Usually around this time of year I sit and do a review of the year past as well as a plan for the year coming. This year is different than others and it is going to be interesting to try to map out a year that seems so unknown to me.

Until then, here are some photos recapping the last few weeks.

We had a birthday party with my Bro and family...
I put up the Christmas tree (Harley helped)

We ran 22km in -17 weather...

 Brunch with my sweety...

We did our last long run as a group

And then had a party for Crystal. I baked :)

We watched my 4year old niece perform at the Festival of Trees

And Harley killed Gingy. "Not the gumdrop button!!!"

Now I am off to walk H-dog. It is -21. Thank GOD for my Eskimo Princess Jacket!!!

Tis the season! Enjoy :)

OH AND PS What do you think of this???


Keith said...

Sweet looking ride. Maybe just a bit too much pink on it for my taste though. Poor Harley. Have fun in Vegas!

Melissa said...

I think that's hot. Is it yours, or soon-to-be yours?

Have a great time in Vegas! The 2010 planning part is so hard, I'm right there with ya! Hope you come up with some fun ideas.

The e' camp you are going to (I'm too lazy to find out how to spell it correctly) sounds very interesting. It's crazy how some people have a businesses but never really put in the hard work to keep it going, growing, and prospering. You got in goin' on!

Missy said...

Nice looking phat ride sista! I'm just jealous because I LOVE VEGAS and I love me some blackjack. Play a hand or two for me.

I really need to get my tree up!

Darin Hunter said...

Nice ride babe!! 2010 hopefully, you need to re-invigorate your love for biking again. Probably a spring time purchase with "Team Hunter" on it.

I'm with you on the 2010 goal planning as well, a lot of the things I had on my list for 2009 came true so I'm definitely doing one again.

Julie said...

You KNOW what I think of that last pic -- I am swooning in delight and gurgling in ecstasy...I'll stop now. Hahahaha!

Safe travels to Vegas -- big hugs to you and your crew!!! I wish you all the best -- what a great time you are going to have cheering and motivating all your gals. Now that's a way to run a race. :) :) :)

I have to share a dirty little secret -- Mike and I haven't put a tree up for the last 5 years or so. It's just too much of a damn hassle in our teensy weensy house. But, I am not a scrooge!! Hahahahahahaha!!! Terrible aren't I? Hee-hee!!

Naomi Rae Nicholson said... thinks my friend may be getting a new ride??? SWEET!!!! :)

All the best to all of you in VEGAS!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pics.

Your niece is GORGEOUS! Wow!! When she's a teen, good thing her Auntie and Uncle are so strong and fit. ;-) Poor boys won't know what hit 'em. lol!

Naomi :)

Amy said...

Love the bike, love the pictues, love that you're going to Vegas. I've paced my sister on a couple half marathons and it's the best. No pressure, all fun. Enjoy it!

Amber Dawn said...

They bike isn't mine, yet...haha. My husband is a smart man- he wants a new bike and knows the best way to get one is to make sure I want one too! lol
I am not sure about getting a new bike when I am not signed up for a single race in 2010- but D is right, it would be a huge incentive to ride my ass off!

Keith- Harley loves it, trust me :) Julie- I knew you would love it!As you ride past kicking my ass you can admire it!
Melissa- Thanks! I can never spell that damn word right
Missy- I will! I am a total loser when it comes to gambling though. Clueless!
Naomi- I have 3 gorgeous nieces and I think it is payback to my brother who used to tell guys he would kill them if they went near
D- We will make it our SK road trip project again :) You were a rock star this year! Thanks for all your hard work and everything you do for our family :)
Amy- The no pressure thing is awesome! I might be addicted!

Jenna said...

Thanks for updating! Have fun in Vegas :) And your ride is very pink and I bet it fits in a stocking:)

Lisa G said...

Hey! I'm in Vegas right now too! Where ya staying? We're at the Wynn Encore, we should try and meet up!

Naomi Rae Nicholson said... are do have 3gorgeous nieces!!! And, yes, that sounds like great pay! ;-)

Amber Dawn said...

Lisa, we are at the Belagio. email me and I will give you my number.

amberdawn at womenofstrenght dot ca

Charlie Browne said...

Love the pic of Harley helping decorate the tree....truly a dogs lfe!

Your run group looks fun, and your man is very very smart! Let us know how the vegas adventure was!