Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time Flies!

I think one of the most amazing gifts that kids provide is the visual awareness of the passage of time. As an adult, a year passes and the tangible change in my body is negligible. The change in my life may be somewhat more pronounced, a change in home, job, marital status etc. But there is nothing quite as loud as the change observed in a child over a period as short as a year.

Case in point. One year ago I was holding this wee little baby, fresh from her mama's womb, in my arms.

Today, she turns 1. She is walking, talking (a bit) and her face lights up with recognition when I see her. In a year from now she'll be greeting me with "Hi Auntie" and playing dress up with her sisters.

Time flies, and I am so lucky to be blessed with 3 beautiful nieces to remind me how precious and fleeting every day is. I am so grateful that we live only blocks away and I am able to share in their lives, and watch them grow, change and develop in what feels like all too rapid progression.

Happy Birthday Angelina!


Julie said...

Awww! What a sweetheart! Now you know why all your old fart relatives would say to you, "I remember when you were just a baby..." LOL!! I caught myself saying this to some relatives of mine and realized that yes, I am indeed turning into my parents. Hahahahahaha!

You are so blessed to live that close to your nieces and be able to have such a close relationship to them. :) :)

Kelly B. said...

Ahhhh...the first few years are so precious and fun and a gift to share!

Keith said...

What a super post! Being around children reminds adults what a wonderful place this world is. Watching them figuring it out and learning new stuff is a precious gift.

And the childless adult in me says, it's even better when they belong to someone else who will take them home when they get cranky, and feed them when they turn into teenagers.

Amy said...

Great pictures. I was just with my neices over the weekend and they have changed so much since the last time I saw them (in March). It is so neat to telltime by watching kids grow. You're lucky you live so close to them!

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

I agree: kids are where it's at. :)

I can't believe a year has past, either! I remember you posting that picture and it seems like yesterday!